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Since the summer of 2010, George Berger has published the following works of fiction:


Mendacities: July 2010. George’s first book, a YA adventure novel. In paperback and e-book forms, which differed slightly. Out of print in early 2013, and unlikely to ever be republished.

Without A Spark: October 2011: George’s second novel, an eco-thriller. In paperback October 2011, for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader in December 2011, and for all other e-readers in June 2012.

An Accidental Fastball to the Heart: November 2012: Just your typical girl-meets-girl-and-breaks-her-nose romance novel. Exclusive to the Amazon Kindle as an ebook in November 2012, and available as a paperback in December 2012. Available for the Nook, Sony, Kobo, and Apple devices from May 2013.

Angles & Curves: May 2014: A young-adult novel about racism, sexism, sexuality, and what, exactly, it means to be human. Available from mid-may in e-book and paperback editions from Queerteen press.


Well Met by Gaslight: April 2011. A very wordy early-Victorian adventure story. An e-book only title.*

Never According to Plan: July 2011. A very wordy early-Victorian comedy-of-errors, and a sequel to the above. An e-book only title.*

Stanley And His Sword: July 2011. A not-quite-erotica humorous adventure story. Rather well-liked by the handful of people who read it. An e-book only title, out of print from February 2014.*

All The Wrong Reasons: April 2012. A clean YA romantic comedy with no redeeming qualities, now out-of-print as an e-book.*

Midnight’s Tale: May 2012. A literary tale of love, loss, and livestock. An e-book only title, and a Kindle Single at Amazon. Also an audiobook!*

Hamaika: September 2012. A stupid and pointless urban fantasy, of sorts, with gratuitous zombie jokes and now seemingly obligatory discussions about food. An e-book only title, now out-of-print.*

Breakfast for the Sun God: February 2013. A bad story written for a bad anthology of bad fiction that never actually happened. Free at some vendors, unavailable at others. You probably haven’t (and don’t want to) read it and you aren’t missing much, trust me.

Die Leiden des Jungen Ziegenbocks: July 2013. A German translation of “Midnight’s Tale”, exclusively at Amazon. My first and probably only foreign-language edition! (The title translates to something like “The Suffering of the Young Goat”, in case you were wondering.)

Methilgar’s Ring: August 2013. A relatively terrible historical literary epistolary fantasy novella, written to annoy anal-retentive historical-fiction purists and demonstrate why “write what you enjoy!” is terrible advice. An e-book exclusive to the Amazon Kindle, soon to be out of print. Also sometimes known as “The Least Marketable Book in the World”.

Gorp: A Love Story: December 2013. A college student and his talking cat try to survive meeting a homeless woman. New-adult romance for both people in the world that want clean sex-free new-adult romances. An e-book for the Kindle/Nook/iWhatevers/Kobo readers, and a 200-page paperback. Out of print from February 2014.

Short Stories:

The Nurse’s Dirty Secret: January 2011. Either a deconstruction or parody of erotica. Or actual, albeit horrible, erotica. Depends on who you asked. Written because someone bet me I wouldn’t. Everybody lost. There’s also a reading-group guide. (No, really.) A free e-book available for download in a couple of places, in a couple of formats. The PDF version is perhaps the most readable.

Grease is the Word: September 2011. An attempt to overcome my natural verbosity and write an adventure story in 2,500 words or less, for a contest. An e-book only release, it was free at most vendors, and should no longer be available for sale anywhere, now. You’re not missing much.

Nothing Like Love: February 2012. YA romance, written for (and rejected by) an anthology. E-book only.

The Crimson Scars: February 2012. Chick-lit, and a slightly pointless exercise in practicing-what-I-preach regarding an obscure craft discussion. An e-book only title, now mercifully out-of-print.

In November 2012, the titles marked with an asterisk above were assembled into the paperback collection Unmarketable Dross, available most everywhere books are sold (ISBN 1480145696, 320pp, MSRP 14.95 USD). A great gift for the people in your life who don’t care for e-books!

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