Stanley and His Sword

July 27, 2011 at 6:53 pm
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Stanley is your typical everyday, apathetic slacker, stuck in a dead-end job, when fate, destiny, and/or an unusual shipping error on the part of a large e-commerce site suddenly bestow upon him a shiny, sexy, nearly-magical sword.

Soon thereafter, he encounters a succession of mentally-unstable invisible ninjas, nubile yet soulless college students, and fairly underwhelming mythical creatures in his way, and reluctantly confronts the possibility that destiny has greater things than middle-management in store for him.

Follow along with Stanley as he overcomes adversity, hardship, misunderstandings, disobedient employees, raging hormones, and an invisible neo-Nazi ninja assassin in his own personal quest to get the girl and live happily ever after.

A charming contemporary fairy tale for sensible people, Stanley and His Sword is a humorous and entertaining 11,000-word tale of lust, fate, and really shiny swords sure to delight a handful of Christopher Moore fans, somewhere.

Stanley and His Sword

In late July 2011, about a year after I published Mendacities, I published an 11,000-word novelette (or novella, take your pick) called “Stanley and His Sword”. (Read a free Adobe PDF excerpt right here.) What is it?

It’s a modern-day fairy tale, really, about an admitted everyman who works in a dead-end job at a small store, and whom the universe has decided is going to become a hero.

Not a huge, fabled-in-song-and-movie sort of hero, but something slightly more modest.

What’s he up against? Invisible neo-Nazi ninja assassins, for starters. Mythical creatures. Unhelpful employees. Raging hormones. Fear. Self-doubt. Distraction.

What’s he got to help him? A dangerously open mind, and a really shiny sword.

It’s going to be a rough and bumpy ride. Will he survive? Will he get the girl? Will he live happily ever after?

Well, there’s one way to find out, isn’t there? :)

Fast-paced, funny, and ridiculously entertaining, “Stanley and His Sword” is available as an e-book at Smashwords (for $0.99), for the Kindle (, $0.99 |, £1.14 |, 1.14 EUR), iTunes, for the Nook, and doubtless many other places Real Soon Now.

Yay, Reviews!

Well, a review, from Read It In 7 Days:

The word fairytale doesn’t properly describe it, but it does have it’s happy ending with some yummy exotic food. (Spoilers.) All of these adventures happen in a book that can be read in less than an hour. It was fun. It was light. It hit the spot I craved… It also has light language and sex scenes which don’t set it in Erotica, but doesn’t get out of Erotica. I don’t think that it’s a con, but it is something to mention for those looking for a more clean book.

You—yes, you—have it in your power to make this an even bigger success than Mendacities. Buy a copy! Read it! Enjoy it! Leave a review! Tag it on Amazon! Tell your friends! Tweet about it! Blog about it!

I’m counting on your support here. Don’t let me down.

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